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Thank-you for your interest in The Educational Toolkit about Eating Disorders.

Gemma Oaten

I’m an actor by profession, having appeared in Emmerdale and Holby City. My life could have turned out completely differently.

I struggled with an eating disorder for 13 years of my young life. My parents, who founded SEED, literally saved my life. I’m living proof that this terrible illness can be overcome. But it starts with education.

The programme we provide is comprehensive but costs only £295.00 for primary schools and £395.00 per year for secondary schools. All proceeds go directly into SEED to help us raise awareness of these debilitating illnesses and fund the Charity’s support services.

If you are ready to come on board, please go directly to purchase the toolkit, feel free to ask us a question, or complete your details below and we’ll send you more comprehensive information to share internally.

Whatever your next step, we look forward to working with you.

Gemma Oaten x

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