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Welcome to the SEED Educational Toolkitfor eating disorders in schools

Eating Disorders is now a compulsory element of the PSHE Curriculum in Schools. The Educational Toolkit is to be used for Key Stage 3 and 4 (with future development for use in KS2 at primary level)

The Education Toolkit is user friendly and comes with video supported lessons and supporting material available to download, including lesson plans and worksheets.

Schools have a duty of care to make sure their pupils are safe and should be confident in the fact they are doing everything possible to support their pupils in this often what is perhaps ‘new’ territory for many staff.

About our Resource Toolkit:

The Resource runs over 3 lessons with an option of a 4th Creative Session reinforcing understanding

There is also a User Guide - offering support to the Educational Professional delivering the Resource - this includes Answer Sheets for group discussion

Lesson 1

Part 1: Introduction and Who May Have An Eating Disorder

  • Why We Need to Nurture Our Body
  • Feelings Not Food

Part 2: Mother’s Testimonial

  • Video - “Breaking Free”
  • Video - Enemy in My Mind (animation)
  • Discussion around ‘Control’

Lesson 2

Part 1: Recapping and reinforcing understanding

  • Emotional and Physical Aspects of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
  • Triggers
  • What is EDNOS (Eating Disorders Not Otherwise Specified)

Part 2: Media Influence and Unacceptable Demands

  • Video Yah! - Courtesy of Body Gossip
  • Media and Media Influence
  • Gemma Oaten - Media

Lesson 3

Part 1: Recapping and reinforcing understanding

  • Ready for Change?
  • Keeping Safe Medically
  • Seeking Help
  • Video - This One is for You - courtesy of Body Gossip
  • Farewell From SEED
  • Outcomes and Evaluation (printable)
  • Optional Creative Session

Toolkit teaching user licences: £295.00per organisation per year

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